Friday, July 11, 2014

Labyrinth of Thoughts

How do I silence the random labyrinth of thoughts that chase each other around in my head?  I have fifty brilliant thoughts at any given time but not one that is noteworthy.  I want to write something beautiful and inspiring but instead create nothing but meaningless gibberish so I remove the pen from the paper and crumble airplanes that don't even fly.  Maybe I think too hard?  Maybe I try too hard?  Maybe if I just write and don't think about it or second guess myself then something brilliant and inspiring will just "happen," you know, like spontaneous combustion or evolution.  That's it!  Maybe an inspiring thought will just evolve from all of this random bullshit that streams through my consciousness all day long.  Maybe a combination of my daily sights, conversations, readings, and inspirations will explode into something worthy of jotting down... like a chemist combining just the right elements into a beaker!  I feel like any minute now something incredible and inspiring and creative and reflective is going to just explode onto my paper... 
or not.