Saturday, April 12, 2014

I Need...

I need coffee shops that serve chai tea, self folding clothes dryers, and music that makes me dance.

I need pizza that burns calories, sand between my toes, and flowers that bloom in the winter.

I need fuss-free beauty, linen that feels soft on my skin, and products that don't test on animals.

I need a refrigerator full of Perrier, timeless shoes, and an endless bookshelf.

I need soft kisses in the morning, "I miss you texts" in the afternoon, and cuddles in the evening.

I need yoga pants, funny socks, and hoodies to keep me warm.

I need beach trips for no reason, mountain hikes for fresh air, and movie nights for relaxing.

I need a job that I love, three boys to come home to, and a man who understands me.

I need bohemian dreams, a hippie heartbeat, and a gypsy soul.

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