Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday's Letters

Dear Sarah,

You are going to love and you are going to lose.  Both are ok as long as you learn from the experiences, good and bad.  Never leave a situation ignorantly.

Your children are your biggest blessings and your biggest trials.  If you are not struggling daily to teach them life lessons, ensure that they earn everything that they are given, are respectful, and treat women like ladies, you aren't trying hard enough.

Do not burn bridges... you never know when you may need a safe crossing to the next chapter in your story.

Read often.

Keep a journal.  Your thoughts and experiences will be forgotten if they are not put into writing.

Maintain contact with your closest friends.  Over the years they will help you through some of your biggest challenges.

Do not judge others.  We all have trials and demons that others do not understand.  The only time you should look down upon somebody else is if you are putting your hand out to help them up.

Always listen to your mother.

Have patience with yourself... if you keep knocking on those doors, the right one will open for you.

Never give up on love.  Your heart is a gift- one day the one who is worthy of unlocking it will ask you for the key.  Do not let the mistakes of the past influence your chance at a beautiful future.

Love yourself first and foremost.  Everything else comes secondary.