Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Free Spirit

She may be wandering the beach looking for agates or scribbling a few notes in her journal, but she is not sitting still.  She doesn't know how.  She's a free spirit and the one thing you should never, ever do is marry her.

A free spirit will grab an overnight bag with a toothbrush, a change of clothes, and a couple bucks and drive to the city and wander the mall or into the mountains to take pictures of the stars.  If you question her spontaneity, you will break her spirit.

One of these girls will change her style almost daily.  Today she wears classy black heels, a professional pencil skirt, and a white blouse but tomorrow she wears blue jeans, a tank top, and flip flops, and next week she will wear a swing dress and ruby red lipstick.  A free spirit needs freedom with her choices.  She needs an eclectic closet- it matches her soul. 

She will drive you crazy on date night.  Don't marry this one... she takes forever to make up her mind!  You will want to take her to dinner and a movie, this will bore her.  She wants a spontaneous drive down the coast, a fishing trip, surfing, or a hike and a picnic.

A free spirit is nothing but trouble.  She speaks her mind and doesn't mind what she speaks.  She will not be insulted, disrespected, or demeaned.  She has strong beliefs and even stronger morals and will fight for what she believes.  If you tell her that she belongs in the kitchen, you better not eat what she cooks for dinner! 

A free spirit will always live in the moment and will not be tamed.  Do not marry a free spirit... she is a beautiful woman with a head full of dreams and will stop at nothing to make them come true.  She will dance in the rain in her bare feet and make pancakes for dinner.  She will lose track of time, read an entire book in one day, and drag you out of the house just to watch the sunset.

The only time that you should marry a free spirit is if you are a free spirit.  You can not tame a free spirit, you can only run wild with her.  Your creativity will spark her creativity and your spontaneity will rival hers.  You can only love her if she opens up to you and if she does, she will give you her everything.  All that she is will be yours and her indecisive, chaotic, free spirit will enchant you. The result with be unrivaled beauty.



  2. OMG! I literally love your blog so much! It's so beautiful and the posts are amazing! :)

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  3. I saw the title of your blog when I was visiting another blog and I'm glad I popped on over. I enjoyed this post so much. It describes my sister completely and all I know is she's got to read this, too... lol.