Friday, November 22, 2013

10 Randoms

10 Random Things About Me
I saw this on The Militant Baker and since Jess is such a badass, inspiring babe, I wanted to follow suit.  I know, I know... copycat.  Anyway, I am really digging this time to find 10 random things about me that I haven't already told you guys.  I really want to make this one fun!
1.  I feel a strange connection to Lucille Ball (I think we were related, maybe?).  I find her very inspiring and relatable.  She slapped a smile on that gorgeous red-lipped face in spite of everything that she was experiencing and went through with a very public divorce in a generation when divorce was socially unacceptable and women were expected to "stand by their man." 
2.  I am incredibly finicky.  Whether it's my style, my hobbies, my feelings, or my heart, I flip-flop easily and without remorse.  I can like something one minute and completely disconnect the next.  Bam!  Just like that... over it.
3.  I have really wide feet.  I hate them.  They are always well manicured and taken care of but they are as wide as they are long.  Short and fat.  They make it impossible to find cute shoes and even more impossible to wear heels (which I choose to get over due to my obsession with heels).  My mother even nicknamed them the "Flintstone Feet" and says that I could peddle a car with them!
4.  I have an obsession with boxes.  Hat boxes, trinket boxes, etc.  I love them all. 
5.  I am very technologically challenged.  A nerd I am not, but I would love to be because I find them very adorable!
6.  I am in love with starving artists...  always have been. 
7.  I identify myself with the Bohemian lifestyle.  I have a gypsy heart and would love to pack up my VW Bus (yes, I do have one) and travel and live off of the land and odd jobs.  I don't like rules or being controlled in any way and love nature and all that it has to offer.  I could spend HOURS just sitting at the beach or resting on a deserted park bench.
8.  I have very few people who I consider "friends."  That word means a lot to me and I feel that it is an accreditation that is earned and to be taken seriously.  Acquaintances and friends are two totally different things to me and I honor and respect my friends completely. 
9.  I value the beauty of literature.  There is NOTHING more magical than a well written book.
10. I couldn't finish 50 Shades of Grey


  1. I love this! My grandma is alot like Lucy too. Not that your like my grandma, ok I'm just going to stop now. Love this post and I do believe i will snag the idea from you and keep the stealing of 10 Randoms going! ;)

  2. The bohemian life calls to us all once in awhile. I wonder if it would really live up to our romantic notion of what it's like.

  3. hi sarah! thanks for sharing this 10 random facts about you, it's always nice to know fellow bloggers more♥
    thanks for co-hosting with the fun friday blog hop with us!

  4. Loved reading this post. I too, ADORE Lucy and have felt we were related, as well. In fact, my Maiden name is Ball. :) I love the look of the Bohemian life, but probably wouldn't enjoy it for more than a vacation. I have a Boho board on Pinterest just so I can dream and enjoy the beauty of it. I agree with you about literature too, which is why 50 Shades of Gray is not on my list of good books. Wishing you a great week, Sarah.

  5. God, I think we are sisters born of different mothers. So many of the things about you are about me, too. I am going to post same blog. See, I'm a copycat, too. But I believe certain things we seek to emulate are just ways of improving ourselves. Cheers!!