Tuesday, October 15, 2013


"There is power in self sacrifice." -Veronica Roth

With constant reminders of selfish acts lately, I wanted to think about the joy of self sacrifice.  Custody battles resulting in murder, bullying resulting in suicide, and a government shut down resulting in loss of pay for thousands of workers consumes the news lately.  How is it possible that two parents can not put their differences aside for the sake of their child or that an entire lecture room full of grown adults would rather shut down the government than come to an agreement for the sake of the same people who elected them?

I am truly living out my blog name and Enjoying the Epiphany and I have never been more settled and content.  I moved from Arizona where I was earning over twice the amount of money, lived in a house double the size of the one I have now, shopped at all of the best name brand stores, and hit happy hour regularly- but the happy hour could not have been more miserable.

I was living a materialistic, self-centered lifestyle.  I was so focused upon the newest trends, if I was going to qualify for an annual raise, and which heels matched my "Happy Hour Blouse" that I forgot about what was the most important- happiness.  

Not surface happiness but down deep, from your soul, genuine happiness.

Not the kind that buying a new purse or having a few drinks with an acquaintance brings... that's not happiness.  That's momentary pleasure and it fades.

I have never felt as happy as I do when I give of myself.  Offering a day off to a sick co-worker, giving craft supplies to a friend rather than selling them, or letting the boys have dessert first... all of these things take little to no effort on my part and bring a bit of happiness to somebody else.  I have a secret though- they bring a lot of happiness to me.  I have discovered that being selfless is probably the most primitive form of selfishness.  Being selfish means that you are concerned with your own happiness and pleasure and since bringing joy to others makes me happy, I guess I consider myself selfish!

I wish that the world was more selfless and I wish that people thought more globally.  If selflessness were a more advertised thought, there would be less pain, heartache, and loss.  Can you imagine a world where people thought of others before themselves?  Ahhh... Utopia.


  1. Things are never where it is at... giving and sharing are what brings joy... I know what you mean girl :)

  2. Oh yes, the Golden Rule. These days, people just say WTF is that?

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with you, Sarah. I like reading this little glimpse of your story and some of your journey to becoming who you are. Thank you for sharing.

  4. This is so true. You know how the saying goes life is to short to not enjoy it. Shopping, going out to eat provide a moment of happiness, but doing things for others always seems to bring happiness that lasts. When you are helping someone it's helping you develop your relationship which will probably bring much more joy into your life.

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