Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Jessika, Drew, and Baby Jacob,
Your visit could not possibly have better timing.  I am so excited to see you guys and squeeze those baby cheeks!

Dear Oregon weather,
You are more indecisive than a hormonal preteen.  Get it together!!

Dear Bloggers,
Do any of you have a yummy mac n cheese recipe?  I have tried several and blech!  None of them taste very good.  Please?

Dear Noah, Aidan, and Trystan,
You guys are my heart.  You make me more and more proud every single day.  I love you with every fiber of my being.

Dear Gypsy Heart,
Why do you plague me so?

Dear Gia,
Thanks for being a true friend.  You are the most non-judgmental human being I have ever met and I thank you for that.

Dear Dawn,
I am so glad that we have become so close.  You are such a lovely woman and beautiful person.  I adore you.

Dear Mama,
Thank you.  Period.

Dear Steven,
I. Love. You.

Dear Sarah,
You are strong, beautiful, loved, and worthy.


  1. I love all these little words and phrases you send out to people that are important to you...