Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Is It Too Much To Ask??

I want my cupcakes and I want to eat them too.

I want my children to know the value of a dollar.

I want pet owners to understand that they have a responsibility- not a toy.

I want broccoli to taste like pizza!

I want the dryer to fold the laundry too.

I want to get paid to read books and drink coffee.

I want to be the reason you can't wait to come home.

I want to have a personal library filled with actual books.

I want people to stand up for others rather than themselves.

I want Taylor Swift to retire- now.

I want my boys to treat women the same way they want me to be treated.

I want people to understand the importance of using proper grammar.

I want to hear that you love me just by how you say my name.

I want laughter to truly be the best medicine.

I want swearing and sex to be taboo on television again... just like when I was a kid.

I want to go to the store, pick out clothes, and have them available in my size on the first try!

I want to be wanted for my brains too... not just my smokin' good looks!

Is it too much to ask?


  1. What do you do when you're down and out? Go live some love and up lifting words. They'd be appreciated. and I will return the favor.

  2. I 100% agree when it comes to pets!!

  3. To hell with Taylor Swift -- I WANT TO RETIRE! But I have to win the lottery first, LOL.

  4. "I want broccoli to taste like pizza!" That sounds kinda like what I said the other night when we were over talking about how bad...all food is. lol

    1. I know!! We should invent salad that tastes like Snickers, broccoli that tastes like pizza, and raisins that taste like M&Ms!!

  5. I love your I want list... I want many of these things too... you brought a smile to my face with many of these :)