Wednesday, May 29, 2013


So many people are given so much shit for taking "selfies."  They are regarded as:  vain, superficial, and full of themselves.

I say, "Screw what people say!"  Anybody who cannot support the fact that you have enough confidence to take a photo of yourself has an opinion that shouldn't matter anyway.  We shouldn't care what others think about us.  We shouldn't need the approval of others in order to please ourselves.

I started taking "selfies" when I started blogging.  At first I was very uncomfortable, especially when I took full body shots.  I always wanted to photoshop out a tummy roll or airbrush my skin tone.  Then I met Rachele from Nearsighted Owl.  Rachele started a weekly blog called "I'm Proud of My Size."  This blog hop required writers to post full body photos of themselves along with their clothing size and why they love themselves... just as they are.  This opportunity to post weekly "selfies" really helped my self esteem.  I began holding myself accountable for loving my body.  I stopped cropping out my tummy.  I stopped airbrushing my wrinkles and I stopped hating my body.  I grew to love my body... rolls, wrinkles, freckles, and scars. 

Once Rachele stopped the "I'm Proud of My Size" blog, I started my own.  Every Saturday I write, "I Love My..." and dedicate it to one body part or characteristic of myself that I love.

You see, "selfies" saved my life.  "Selfies" made me love myself again and I will never stop taking them so be prepared to see a LOT more of Sarah!


  1. Beautiful photo of you! :)

  2. I always take selfies! teehee!! I actually posted one on my blog today of me at work in the bathroom. I mean come on are we ever too old to take selfies?! In this day and age it's "the thing" to do. Those who have something negative to say about it are too embarrassed to take their own!

  3. It depends very much who takes the picture, how and why,

    yours are confident down to earth and just spontaneous , you are not searching nothing with them.
    some woman expose too much of them selves and will get the wrong attention, a picture can capture your soul if the person is arrogant, vain and mean it it can be reflected in the picture also.

  4. Hi Sarah!
    what is "Selfies?" Is it a blog?
    I like how confident you are. it reflects in your writing.:)
    journally yours,