Saturday, March 23, 2013

I Love My...

I love myself- I do. I love my personality; I love my ability to give so freely; I love my loyalty; I love my intelligence; I love my ability to love and I love my body. That may sound weird to some of you and I get that. I completely understand the toll that societal requirements has taken on the female's ability to accept herself for exactly who she is.

It's very sad really. There are millions of women and girls in this world depriving themselves of some of the happiest moments merely because they don't want to: skip a workout, leave the house without makeup, or appear undisciplined.

It's Saturday and time for my, "I Love My..." post and I'd LOVE it if you would join me! I am going to post a blog about a body part, characteristic, personality trait, etc. and explain why I love it. 

Today I love my strength.

I chose a characteristic this week because quite frankly, I am going through a lot right now.  I am living with Trystan in a hospital, away from my husband and two other children, living off of hospital food and delivery pizza, and trying to be strong while I watch my baby go through pain that I can only imagine.

I have had to exert myself and force Trystan to do things that his little body doesn't want to do in order to help him recover.  I have had to force him to:  sit up, attempt to walk, blow bubbles in order to strengthen his lungs, and many other things that caused him pain.  I have made him cry over and over again in order to make him stronger and I have had to prevent myself from crying while I did it. 

I have had to watch my baby cry and scream that he did not know where he was, cry that he, "doesn't belong here," and, "just wants to go home," and I've had to pretend that I am enjoying myself in order to convince him that living in a hospital without his:  father, brothers, pets, friends, and toys isn't really that bad. 

I have had to pretend that I wasn't scared to death when Trystan could not be taken off of oxygen without his saturation level diving down below 60 and I have had to attempt to sleep on a plastic love seat while my baby moans in pain in the bed right next to me.  I have had to hold back the tears as the doctor told me that Trystan's lung is deteriorated and that he will need more surgeries in the near future just so that he can continue to live as normally as possible.

I have had to put on a brave face and be strong.  My strength has gotten me through this and will continue to get me through what I have to face in the future.  I truly believe that I was chosen for this life... I was chosen for this because I am strong.

I love my strength.  Please join me in sharing something that you love about yourself. Who knows? Maybe posting about something that you love about yourself will help someone else to realize that she is worthy of love from the one person who matters the most... herself.



  1. There have been people throughout history, that simply appear to be 'form fitted' for the ssituation they are in. The make the correct choices... They have the ability to make the hard decisions... And the thing is, life would not have been the same without them. There are those who are needed for those abilities - and they seem to find a way into the driver's seat, regardless if they have a license. Why? Because no one else in the world, before or after, could do it like them. No one.

    If the Powers that Be, The Universe, God, Jehovah - whatever your personal name for it - if it was decided that Trystan just had to be bestoyed with his physical condition... the bigger, and harder decision was 'who is strong enough to see him through this.'

    There is no one else; alive, dead, or yet to get here... who is better suited to be the rock Trystan needs.

    You are stronger than anyone I know, anyone I've ever met. I am honored and proud to say I know you.


  2. Hola Sarah,
    I am so sorry for this tough challenge you are enduring with your son. You are definitely a strong soul. Just last night I worked on next week's Soul Food Monday and it is about inner strength. Hope you come by and link-up this post because it is so inspiring. My prayers are with Trystan, you and your familia. Thanks for being YOU!

    ~SimplyyMayra :)

  3. I love my introverted nature. I always feel safe when turned inward to my centre self.

    Wishing you continued strength as you battle for Trystan, yourself and your family.

  4. I have read your blog and felt your pain. My baby is 22 now and although I don't know the situation that has caused the prolonged hospital stay for your little one my daughter and I stayed in hospitals for the first five years of life with her illnesses. first seizures,Then what the first Dr. diagnosed as asthma,Then early heart failure then open heart surgery now she's healthy at 22.I was never a cookie cutter gal either stay strong and keep your positive energy up. You should love everything about yourself it's what you are who are and you should never allow anyone to say who or what you should be. I will say this allow yourself some self indugence a cry with your son is sometimes ok let him know it's ok. And it;s ok to walk away once in a while let the nurses take over for 10 minutes.

  5. I love this post. Stay strong!

  6. Love you mommy. -Gia

  7. You are an amazing person! Love this post. :)

  8. Checking in from the MtM Mixer blog hop. Thanks for stopping by my page. This post was so heartfelt and gut-wrenching. I don't know what your little one is going through, but having to see your baby in pain can be crushing. And I love that you are so strong and committed to being who you are, at all times. Really glad we hooked up :)