Saturday, March 16, 2013

I Love My...

I love myself- I do.  I love my personality; I love my ability to give so freely; I love my loyalty; I love my intelligence; I love my ability to love and I love my body.  That may sound weird to some of you and I get that.  I completely understand the toll that societal requirements has taken on the female's ability to accept herself for exactly who she is. 

It's very sad really.  There are millions of women and girls in this world depriving themselves of some of the happiest moments merely because they don't want to:  skip a workout, leave the house without makeup, or appear undisciplined.

I'm going to start a new post every Saturday titled, "I Love My..."  and I'd LOVE it if you would join me!  I am going to post a blog about a body part, characteristic, personality trait, etc. and explain why I love it. 

This week I love my tummy. 

That's always been difficult for me to say because it is sprinkled with stretch marks and now has a huge purple scar from my surgery this winter. 

I want to share with you how I learned to love it. 

I changed my perception of myself and how I spoke to myself.  Rather than saying, "Because it is covered with stretch marks," in the above paragraph, I chose to say, "Sprinkled."  It may sound silly but something as simple as using positive adjectives when describing yourself can form a habit of respecting yourself.

I could very easily perceive my stomach as big and gross, covered in stretch marks and a huge purple scar but I choose to think that it is sprinkled in the stretch marks that I earned when I was blessed with three beautiful children.  I say that it is fluffy and soft rather than huge and ugly.  I changed my perception of myself in order to start loving myself and you know something... it worked.

Please join me in sharing something that you love about yourself.  Who knows?  Maybe posting a picture of my fluffy stomach, stretch marks, scar, and all will help one woman to realize that she is worthy of love from the one person who matters the most... herself.



  1. Thank you Sarah~~ this was rather emmotional to me while reading it. I always said being on the heavier side is no big deal, well at least I would try to comfort others I was close to, by reassuring them that being heavy didn't matter and go ahead and wear those sleeveless blouses..SO WHAT !! But now I find myself at a weight and inches I never thought I'd be...........and I find myself very unhappy and degrading myself to others BEFORE they have to chance to say or think it. You're so right ~~ be positive with ourselves and give credit for who and how we have grown into our marvelous selves !! I hope to keep your beautiful words in my everyday thoughts. I have to admit it will take some doings cause my belly is my biggest problem. BUT to heck with it, it's mine and it's not a problem as long as I remember your words !!! Thanks Sarah, You're awesome !!
    Jewlz <3

  2. Very true. Great post. I actually go to work everyday sans makeup and hair done. I seriously can't take the time to do it for that part of my life. I only do it when there is something I have plans for now.

  3. Wonderful post! You are such a wonderful person. :)

  4. I'm popping over from Fun-A-Day!, and I'm your newest follower, and now I don't want to leave. Sarah, I am so happy to have found your blog and will definitely be keeping up with it -- just what I needed to be reading today!

  5. Wonderful post! I'm trying... but I'm not there yet because I physically don't feel that comfortable with myself. I used to be so capable of many more athletic type of things and I miss that :/ so I'm trying to stay positive and be healthy in taking steps to get my comfortable back. Happy Saturday! I love my eyes and my feet and my hair though!
    xoxo- Kaara

  6. What a healthy attitude. We all need to work to achieve that!

  7. *waving* stalkin ya back from the blog hop! LOVE your blog. More people need to have that attitude. Gonna stalk from bloglovin

  8. This is a beautiful post and so inspiring!

    xo Jessika

  9. Awesome post, Sarah! Thanks for coming by my blog & following-- I'm following you back. Looking forward to reading more!

  10. Wonderful post! It's so nice to see someone who can love and appreciate the good in what they already have. I might have to do "I Love My.." posts on Saturday as well, I'd be so happy if I could help make others see what they've already got going on.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm following back and looking forward to more posts. :)

  11. This is such a great post, Sarah. It's true. Society has jacked up the view we have of ourselves. It's nice to know that we have the power to break those views. With God's help & using positive words, like you said, we can change our perception. Thanks for sharing this! :)