Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Smith Corona

Ok, so I am going to rant for a little bit.

It wasn't too important when I was in high school to learn all about computers.  You chose a few electives, pissed around, got an A if you picked the fun teachers, and graduated.  End of story.

Guess what, Sarah's dumbass took nothing even resembling computer class.  Not even the basics.  Go ahead nerd friends who told me to take the class;  say, "I told ya so."  Now I am a clueless idiot in this technology run world.

How in the world am I running a blog without knowing the least little thing about HTML?  How the hell do you edit a text box?  What the hell is an overlay?

I attempted to change my blog picture tonight.  I got assistance from two different blog friends- TWO and still couldn't figure this shit out!  Wow, I feel like a serious moron.  If you want the proof, just check out my new picture; I did it myself and you can not even read the text.

I mean seriously, I was in the top 10 of my senior class, Senior Class Vice President, I got a 1200 on my SAT, and I can't make a decent blog without paying somebody?

What the hell is wrong with me?  Why do I even own a computer... maybe I should use my good ol' Smith Corona Typewriter and go to town.  I know that baby like the back of my hand... me and my Smith Corona, yeah, we got stories.



  1. I used to do ok with html. I don't remember much of it anymore.

  2. I'm in the same boat, I am horrible with stuff like that.

  3. HTML is the devil. And I'm too frugal to pay money for a blog design. What's up now is what I did myself and it took hours of being upset.

  4. I am the same as you. Back when I went to high school (in the 90s) there weren't many computer class options. Our computer class was with the OLD computers. You know, with a floppy disc and all.

  5. Now you know why my blog is so plain -- just the basic template, nothing fancy! I'm scared to death to try to switch it up or anything. I figure I'd press one wrong button and BOOM!

  6. I hear you! I really done like computers and don't get me started on ipads - my nine year old had to teach me how to use it. I would love to go back to typewriters i'm serious!

    Congrats! You have won a copy of To Bliss and Back. I will email you.

  7. When I was in high school we had to pass a computer literacy test. It was a joke. It was a drawing of a computer and you had to label the various parts. Seriously. Like "monitor", "mouse", "keyboard"...

  8. hahaha the more you do it the better you'll be! I didn't take any classes in school for computers I've self taught myself everything with the help of google and youtube!

  9. Aw don't feel bad or beat yourself up!! You'd be surprised just how many people struggle with the same thing and just don't have the guts to say it. A good free tool for editing stuff online is which you might wanna check out if you're so inclined. It really is awesome and free and easy!! :)

    I hope you're having a great week and a Happy New Year!

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  10. I like the last line. Genius.

    My typewriter was a Brother. That son of a bitch and I go way back.

    At the age of nine, I typed out three full pages about a truck driver stalking people through CB radio. It was later made into the movie, "Joyride" starring the delicious Paul Walker. Bet you didn't know a 9 year old originally typed that shit on a Brother typewriter, did you?

    Keep the picture. The small text adds to the mystique of it all.

  11. I've been dying to redo my blog... But, as it turns out, I suck at it. I give you kudos for trying!!



  12. Love your little typewriter. My daughter took out my little Remington typewriter the other day. She said using her laptop was too distracting because of the internet...I love it! I think I will take a picture of mine and post it on my blog, too!!!