Sunday, December 9, 2012

What I Learned This Week

1.  I learned that I really want the Samsung Galaxy SIII.  I've listened to friends, read reviews, and really like the features of that phone.  Can't wait to make it in to the city to get my upgrade!

2.  I learned that I don't really care for narcotics.  They gave me morphine and a few others in the hospital and they had the opposite effect on me.  I got hyper and anxious.  I'm hyper and anxious enough... yuck!

3.  I learned that Staples has a NEW Sharpie station that's way better than the old one.  Anybody who knows me knows that I am obsessed with Sharpies so that is an amazing discovery!  They have two new kinds since I bought them last... oh happy day!

4.  I learned that focusing upon handmade and local shopping for Christmas makes it so much more fun!  I am having a blast this year!

5.  I learned that I am not a very good sick person.  I have been restricted to bedrest and relying upon others to do basically everything for me and I do not like it.  Thank God my mother used to diaper this booty cuz she has seen me naked more times in the past two weeks than I think she'd care to remember!

6.  I learned that bad customer service just doesn't fly with me.  I worked retail for too many years and customer service was always a focus so when I receive crappy service, I don't let it lie.  I embarrassed the mister today at Walmart by demanding to speak to a manager (I got what I wanted too).

7.  I learned that my step dad really does love me like the daughter that he never had.  He was so concerned for my health and well being while I stayed at my mom's to recuperate.  He checked on me all the time, asked if I needed anything, and even let me choose the dinner menus!  It was really cute and protective.

8.  I learned that hospital food is super yucky!  No offense to anybody but there's a reason that hospital food is the butt of so  many jokes.
"A hospital bed is a parked taxi with the meter running." Groucho Marx
9.  I learned that Noah has a weak stomach for gore.  I've been able to really freak him out all week by showing him my staples and wounds.  Hee Hee!  Bad mom.

10. I learned that my  mother is a saint.  I know that she jokes around about being a bitch all the time but there really isn't a more selfless, loving, devoted person that I know.  She waited on me hand and foot without a second thought and played chauffeur to my children while sending dinner home for the mister.  My mother is the bestest!



  1. I react the same way to morphine (and most opioid drugs for that matter). I don't know what it is... For most people it's supposed to mellow them out and make them sleepy, but for me it makes me want to scurry around like a mouse on crack.

  2. Hi Sweet Girl!!! I am giving you a follow back and so happy to be doing so! I was thrilled to read that you are being well taken care of; rest and recover! xoxo and Merry Christmas!!!

  3. My brother just got samsung galaxy SIII and he doesn't let me touch it >.< That phone is truly amazing :D
    Oh dear , yes hospitals never offer any kinda yummy food. Just some plain tasted soup with nothing in it but some salt and two some vegetables >.<

    Aree With Umbrella

  4. I like the sharpie stations as well

  5. Learning stuff is so fun, huh...haha! Sounds like you had and eventful week. Bad customer service doesn't fly with me either; my hubby normally just walks away when I open my mouth after having enough. I am a horrible sick person too. Hope this week is better to you.