Saturday, November 24, 2012

Equal according to whom?

Feminism is defined as:  the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes and/or the organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interests. 
  • "Feminism." Merriam-Webster Dictionary. 11th Edition. 2003.

According to the United States Census Bureau, women earn 77 cents to each 1.00 that a man earns.  This alarming inequality does not change according to education levels either.  Even though women are attending college at higher rates than men, attaining higher GPAs, and graduating with higher degrees, they still make a fraction of the amount that a man working the exact same occupation gets paid.  The gender pay gap has not decreased since 2000 either... women have been making nearly twenty-five percent less than men for thirteen stagnant years straight!  Surely this is not what President Kennedy had in mind when he signed the Equal Pay Act way back in 1963.  Why do I not see parades of pissed off females with picket signs and loud, educated voices marching outside of their workplaces demanding equal pay?!?

Why are more women not outraged by modern day retail advertisements?  What would Mary Wollstonecraft, Margaret Fuller, Susan B. Anthony and Charlotte Bunch think of our lackadaisical reactions to these advertisements?

 Because we're all married and just hoping that our husband will let us have a new dress.
 Double whammy Slim Fast!  Sexism and fatism in one ad.
 There are absolutely NO words for this one.
Apparently, a woman belongs beneath a man's shoe and with no identity.
Hopefully at this point I have you thinking.  Now I'm gonna turn your rage-meter up a notch.  Why are there still so many fem-bashing statements used in the English language? 
A few vomit inducing examples:
Man Up.
Don't be a lil' bitch.
Don't be a pussy.
Do you squat too?
Grow some balls!
You throw like a girl.
Are you PMSing?
And the most revolting goes to... I was raped.
This statement is used predominantly in reference to losing a game or bet.  Are you effing serious?  The mere idea that the word that refers to being sexually assaulted is being used in a joking manner should evoke OUTRAGE in every human being, not just females. 
Fellow feminists, where is our fucking riot?!?!  We are not continuing the legacy that our feminist predecessors started for us so many years ago.  Women risked and lost their lives so that we would have the opportunities to:  vote, marry at will, work outside of the home, speak our minds, and have full ownership of our own bodies. 
We need to utilize our power, education, and will in order to ensure that generations to come do not have to suffer injustice and inequality.  Every bit of feminist power counts.  Whether you:  stand up against wearing high heels at work or picket your wages and stage a walk out- you will be making a difference.
Every effort that you make will create change.
Let's start a riot ladies!!


  1. You're right -- now is not the time to be complacent.

    1. I couldn't possibly agree more. Those ads nauseated me.

  2. Hi Sarah - thank you so much for speaking out!

    As I live in Germany I hadn't seen the disturbing ads before that feature in this post and I am really shocked by them. It seems that society is speedily regressing to the 1600s. We really NEED to start a riot.

    Love, Qaroline

  3. Remember back in April when Wisconsin repealed the state's equal pay law because "money is more important for men"? How did that even happen?

  4. Way back in the early 90s I took a college course on misogyny in advertising---seems nothing has changed! And don't get me started on misogyny in video games........ (or, do!)

  5. Oh, yes. the salaries are making me feel so pissed always. My backup and a younger colleague whom I taught how to work has salary bigger than mine. I was going to quit the same moment.
    In fact there is a huge misunderstanding about women abilities where I live esp. when woman takes 'men' job (by the way,who the hell thought up this term)

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  6. Awesome post!!! I totally agree... time for a riot!!