Saturday, October 27, 2012

You Wanna See?

I have been so blessed to become a part of such a kick ass group of ladies who proclaim their independence from body hate and social stigmas with the I Am Proud Of My Size Link Ups. Kudos to all of you... kudos to us!!

Rachele from The Nearsighted Owl started this revolution five months ago and here is her mission:

"All sizes are beautiful! Don't be ashamed of your number or keep it from living your life and doing what you love. There is no perfect or wrong size. It doesn't determine our worth and nobody has the right to judge someone's health by their size. So let's show the world that every size can be happy and that we are not ashamed!"

I think it is amazing that I stand so willingly for full body pictures these days. I can look back in photo albums, facebook pictures, and family photos and see such a difference. In older photos I stood behind everybody else. I was ashamed of my body and thought that hiding my stomach or double chin made me more attractive in pictures. Fuck that! That's right, fuck that. I am so proud of the woman that I have become. I refuse to hide! I will not be forced into the background any longer! Here I am world... look at me in all of my glory!

So I have to share the thrifting steal of a lifetime with you! I found this Coffeeshop poly/wool mix jacket with the tags still on it! Retail value: $99.99. Thrift tag price $30. But here's the kicker... it was PURPLE TAG TUESDAY! Ding Ding Ding... half price! I got this baby for $15! Yay me!

Here I am hiding, but this time it's for fun.
"I'm walking in the spider webs. Leave a message and I'll call you back." No Doubt

I love being photographed now. I am beautiful and truth be told, I always was- I just had to believe it.

Look at me-
I am sexy.
You wanna see?
It's in the mystery in my eyes and the power between my thighs.
Watch me work them hips and lick them lips.
Can't get enough, can ya?
Check out my stride- bathe in my pride.
It's everywhere
In the words from my mouth and the lovin down south.
Hmmm... gotcha thinkin don't I?
Wisdom, beauty, and sex
I got it all.
You wanna see?
Look at me-
I am sexy.


  1. That jacket is great!! What a steal!

  2. That jacket is super cute! Your poem is spicy, girl.

    1. Lol, I know... Sorry if you we're offended! I just got my package... Thank you sooo much! I loved it!

    2. Not offended at all! It was hawt!

  3. 15 BUCKS??? I bow to your thrifting prowess, madame!

    Attitude is everything so yes, be loud and proud! Beauty is NOT a "one size fits all" proposition!

  4. Woohoo!! What a powerful post :)

  5. Liked your style! Follow each other on GFC?

  6. thanks for your comment and sorry for my late reply... just have a bit of a stressful time at the moment.
    I like this link up! There should be more things like this ;)

  7. You are beautiful! What an awesome link-up! I have been appreciating myself a lot more lately and being more comfortable with my own body. I absolutely love the feeling of loving your own body!

  8. the most my favorite post from you :)
    I love the way you love your self. Rather than need to see fake girls because of surgery.
    Wanna go great, just working so hard for that. If not, accept our self.
    Love you :)