Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Sanderson Sisters and Jareth the Goblin King

I love my children. I really do. It's just that sometimes I wish that I had a magic potion that I could put in their food to put them to sleep until I was ready to wake them up OR maybe the Sanderson sisters could come to Depoe Bay and get them. Nevermind, too harsh.

Before you call CPS let me explain why I am feeling this way.

My day started with what appeared to be Aidan getting jumped into a gang by Noah and Trystan; this was 7am. I made the decision to take Aidan to work with me.

Then while we were at work I heard, "Mom, I'm bored," no fewer than two hundred times. Seriously. My mother tried to help by sending Aidan to the corner store (to give me some space) where Aidan proceeded to purchase regular Mountain Dew rather than Diet Mountain Dew.

He was sent for one item and got the wrong thing.

He was sent back. I then asked him to vacuum the floor and was told, "Ah Ma, it's not even dirty."

At about lunch time Noah called. He had invented pumpkin spice scrambled eggs. Apparently they were delicious; I'll take his word for it. I was then promised that, "I didn't use all of your limited edition pumpkin butter and the kitchen isn't that messy."

Even after the morning that I had, I decided that I couldn't starve them and sleep well tonight so I went to the grocery store to buy the ingredients to make vegetarian lasagna, salad, and a homemade cherry pie.

I opened the door to a rubberband fight in my living room.

I screamed, threatened, and sent them to their rooms so that I could cook dinner.

I force fed them the lasagna because, "Eewww... you can't call this lasagna. It doesn't even have meat in it."

After another prison riot in Aidan's room, I gave up.

I am officially hiding in my room- lights off, laptop in hand, and high hopes that whatever happened to my children wears off by tomorrow so that I don't recite, "I can bear it no longer! Goblin King! Goblin King! Wherever you may be, take these children of mine far away from me!"


  1. Hocus Pocus is my all-time favourite Halloween movie. I have an annual ritual of watching it and It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown together one night every October (this year, that day was last Saturday). I almost know it by heart after 19 years, but that just makes it even more fun :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I do too!! Then I have an adult night where I sit and watch Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Psycho, etc.

  2. OMG - I LOVE Hocus Pocus and Labrynth!!! I had completely forgetting about them until your lovely pictures! :D Thanks for posting those. Also, I feel like that about my kids occasionally (often) too :D HOpefully things are back to normal today!


    1. Gosh me too, I really don't want to call the Goblin King.

  3. Hahaha awwww. Sounds like a rough day.
    Awesome movie references!

  4. Hocus Pocus is my favorite Halloween movie! My sister and I used to watch it together every year, now we just remind each other to DVR it!! Happy Friday!

  5. Oh! She said the magic words! LOL I love Labyrinth! Its my all time favorite movie! Following back from Unorganized Chaos X 3.


  6. Well Hey! I just watched Hocus Pocus this very evening with my daughter. And it does not get any better than David Bowie in Labyrinth! Stopping by and happily returning the follow. Have a wonderful week & a Happy Halloween :)