Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday's Letters

Friday's Letters

Dear Dutch Bros,
Thank you for your daily dose of the devil's elixir. If loving you is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

Dear new teapot,
I am so happy that I found you at the thrift store. I promise to give you a lovely new home full of warmth and love. We will become close friends this winter.

Dear random lady in the checkout lane,
Staring makes you look rude. I realize that Trystan looks a little bit different than your child but please just ask if you have questions. We don't mind answering questions or educating you about arthrogryposis. Don't make a child feel bad about himself by staring please.

Dear Noah,
You can accomplish anything when you assert yourself. Please don't give up.

Dear Debbie Harry,
Thank you for making me feel like a badass riot girrl today.

Dear Laura,
You are the sweetest! I received my box yesterday and I love you like I love that pumpkin bread!

Dear new pink oxfords,
Oohhhhh how I love thee! It took you so long to arrive in the mail; I'd almost given up on you but the wait was worth it. You are milk to my Cheerios.

Dear boys,
It is not that difficult to pick up after yourselves. I would probably be less "Bipolar Betty" if you would remember this.

Dear rainy day,
I love you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to go home early today and have a couple of hours to myself.

Dear Val,
Thank you so much for creating my beautiful little portrait. I love her so much!
(If you would like your own portrait, visit The Tiny Hobo on Facebook.)

Dear Me,
I love you so much. I cannot believe that it was only one short year ago that our relationship was severely torn; I was unsure that we would ever be able to repair the wounds. We're in a good place. Let's stay here.

Have a lovely weekend everybody!


  1. Sweet letters :) I love that portrait, I'm going to have to look into her work!

  2. I like the letter to yourself the best. :) And that portrait is just adorable. I'll have to check out the Tiny Hobo cause that is just awesome.

    1. Thanks for following me! Her illustrations are fantastic... please do check her out. :-)

  3. I just told my husband I wanted a tea pot! and I love rainy days!!