Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Five F Words

Five F Words.

Let's play a little game. I'm going to make a list then you're going to comment, repost, or just read it and enjoy.

Here we go.


1. Clowns- When I was 15 Steven King's It came out as a tv mini-series. I attempted to watch it. It didn't go well. After the first maniacal giggle I was out of there and free to enjoy nightmares every night for about six months. Well once my lovely brother uncovered my secret he decided to master said maniacal giggle and sneak up on me atleast once a day to recreate it in my ear.

Playing Pennywise is the only mistake that Tim Curry has ever made in my opinion. I love him more than Kristen Stewart loves biting her lower lip and staring into space.

2. Wolf spiders- We saw these a lot in Arizona. They are huge (almost the size of a tarantula), hairy, and have fangs. The females carry their gross little babies on their backs; I know this because my brother and his friend saw one outside of our house one night and decided to light it on fire with a hairspray torch. Well, once it was engulfed in flames all of the babies jumped off and we had tiny little fire balls allover our yard. Yuck!!

3. Steven King- Although he is a brilliant writer, Steven King is batshit crazy. There is no way a man that twisted can be sane. No way.

4. Danger- This is on the list because I do not fear it. I am a self proclaimed badass. I will try anything once and if I like it, I'll do it again! My next goal is to parasurf. People do it all the time on the coast and I really want to try it.

5. Balloons- Not mylar ones, the latex ones that can pop. Kinda goes hand in hand with the clown thing. The only thing worse than a clown is a clown holding balloons or making balloon animals. RUN!!!


1. Cheese- I am a rat. I love cheese. Cheese, cheese, cheese, I love cheese.

2. Pineapple- My favorite fruit. Yum!

3. Crab legs- I live on the Oregon coast and my family owns a charter fishing business so we have fileters who cook the crab right as it comes off of the boats. They pull it out of the pots all steamy and warm and we can eat it right on the docks. It doesn't get much better than that.

4. Peas- I HATE peas! I'm allergic to them. Ok, so maybe I'm not really allergic to them but I do hate them and I say that I am allergic to everything that I hate. Therefore I am allergic to peas. Little green squishy balls- yuck.

5. Tomatoes- I eat them like apples. Seriously.


1. I love dresses with leggings right now. They're super comfy and look dressy.

2. Pin Up Style- I should have been born in the 1920s, then I could have been in my 20's in the 1940s. Although the 1940s were heavily influenced by wartime rationing of fabrics, buttons, and embellishments, the fashions were very creative. Women began to wear slim pants and pant suits due to the fact that many of them had to join the workforce. The hem lines got shorter due to the decrease in fabrics as well; colors and prints were simpler too, which is very much up my alley! Also, most women could not afford fancy wardrobes anymore so they spent more time on their hair. The pin curls and victory rolls were made famous by the women of the 1940s.

3. Heels- Although I do not get to wear them as often as I used to, I love wearing high heels. Whenever you feel like you may need some exercise or want to work out your booty, wear heels to work! The constant walking and standing in heels encourages the use of your glutes and calf muscles which equals a super sexy derriere!

4. Makeup- I love a cute cateye and red lips! The look is very feminine and vintage.

5. Oxfords- I am in love with oxfords right now. I am on the lookout for an affordable pink pair.