Friday, September 7, 2012

First Day of School

Well, it's been a rough start to the school year! I have spent all week hearing, "Mom, I need cleats. Mom, I need money. Mom, can you sign this? Mom, I need an athletic bag."

Can I say, "Mom, I need a break?!?!"

Now that the chaos has simmered down (temporarily) I wanted to post some pictures that I took of the boys on their first day of school. These pictures remind me that the chaos is all worth it.

Noah started his sophomore year... wow, I'm getting old!

Aidan is the photogenic one. I rarely get a bad picture of him- isn't he adorable?! He started junior high this year.

Then there is Turkey, I mean Trystan. He started the second grade this year... isn't he lovely?

I am a very blessed mother, even when they are begging me for school supplies, money, signatures, and later bedtimes!

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