Friday, September 14, 2012

Don't Judge Me

I cuss. Damn it, I do. As eloquently as I speak, sometimes I just need a quick word that expresses exactly how I feel and the first thing that pops out just may be offensive. I will not apologize. I will however temper my words when appropriate- I do not swear around: children, elderly, wieny boys, or pets.

I say what I feel. If I feel happy, overjoyed, or excited- I will express it. If I feel angry, depressed, or disappointed- I will express it. I will not apologize. This is Sarah.

I accessorize. Sometimes I wear hats; sometimes I wear jewelry, and sometimes I accessorize with my purses. I will not apologize. This is who I am.

I have fun. I like to spend time with my favorite person- me. I like to: read, write, go to lunch, walk on the beach, and window shop. I will not apologize. I believe that in order to have healthy relationships, you have to nurture them and you cannot have a healthy relationship with anybody until you have a healthy relationship with yourself.

I am writing this because there is a lot of judgment out there. Judgment that is way off base and unwarranted.

I swear- I am still a good wife, mother, and woman. An occasional F Bomb (when children, elderly, wieny boys, and pets are NOT present) does not make me a bad person, it just makes me colorful. Ask anybody I know! They'll tell ya!

I express myself, but I still have proper manners. I express myself and tell people how I feel, that does not make me a loudmouth or a bitch. I can temper my words and express myself very elegantly... it's true!

I accessorize and have a unique style. This does not mean that I am trying to "dress skinny" or cover up my fat. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to love a fat body- trust me. I accessorize because I love style. I love wearing hats, earrings, bracelets, heels, Converse, flip flops, oohhhhhh how I could go on and on! I do not accessorize because I want to cover up the fact that I am a plus size model, I accessorize because I am a plus size model! Take me or leave me- I don't care. (See, there I go expressing myself.)

I spend time with me. I am my friend and I love me. This does not make me: selfish, a loner, or anti-social. This means that I want to nourish my temple and make her stronger. This only makes me a more loving, caring, attentive person with you. Please look at my alone time as a gift, not a curse.


  1. Hola Sarah! Very powerful post! You go gurl!

    ~SimplyyMayra ;)

  2. I love this.


  3. I love this! I cuss far more than I should. I'm trying to tone down my mouth since I have a baby on the way, but I'm sure I always will cuss more than I should. You go girl!

    1. Thanks Stacey! You know what would be super fun? If you took a moment to follow my blog/join my site!! ;-)

      I'm trying to get out there and every little bit helps.

      Thanks again,

  4. Loving this post. Be yourself, chica!

  5. What lovely confidence! I also occasionally color up my language!!! Usual after stubbing a toe, however. And time alone is one of the most precious and rare gifts in a mother's life! We should all take it and cherish it.

  6. You are the shit!! And accessorize the hell outta whatever the hell you want to wear!!! ;-)
    Your new sailor mouthed friend,