Friday, August 10, 2012

I'm Proud of My Size!

I'm free as a bird! I'm free from the shackles of what other people think. I'm free from society's adaptation of what is beautiful. I am beautiful. Look for yourself!

I love ME. Saying that has not come easily either. I spent years dealing with depression, self loathing, and hiding. I didn't make friends easily because I was so shy; I didn't start dating until much later than other girls because I hid from boys out of fear of rejection. Look at me now... I'm free of these insecurities and free spirited!

I am so proud of how far I have come. I have learned so much about myself and have never felt such peace. I will continue to post these I'm Proud of My Size posts as long as Rachele (The Nearsighted Owl) allows me to continue.

I am a lovely size 18. I am volumptuous, buxom, sexy, outgoing, and damn BEAUTIFUL!!!

I am proud of my size!


  1. I love your dress! The print is fantastic.

  2. Yes you are!
    I am fond of saying, "I love me! I love me so much, I'm often sad other people can't be me, but then I remember that I get to be me and I'm happy again!" lol
    When you love yourself you are much happier and it shows.

  3. Aawww... thanks Jenni! You are gorgeous!

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