Sunday, July 8, 2012

I'm Proud of My Size!!

I'm proud of my size. That's right, I said it! I'm curvy, volumptuous, round, fat, thick; there are many ways to say it and all would be correct. I'm not ashamed of my curves anymore. I earned each and every curve and each and every curve means something. I earned some from delivering three precious baby boys who have turned out to be well mannered, intelligent young men who make me proud every day. I earned some from leaving the 'rat race' of the big city and learning how to slow down and enjoy my life. Lastly, I earned some from years of battling depression, finding solace in food, and battling my way right back out into a healthier state of mind. You see, I have reason to be proud of my size. I have made it through a lot to be here! Although I will admit I still have days where I don't like how an outfit fits or I wish that I was a little bit smaller so that the juniors' section didn't haunt me, I am going to be ok. Better than ok, I am going to be beautiful!
My husband bought this outfit for me. He LOVES me in dresses!
Aahhh... look at that water! What a beautiful background for this picture. :-)


  1. I love you.
    Plain and simple.

    Amazing women you are!

    1. Aawww Lyzz... thank you. I love you too!

  2. You look beautiful in that dress! :)

    - Felicity. xo

  3. Aw you look so happy and beautiful! I am glad you are loving your curves lady. Hugs! Rachele

  4. Your guys are so lovely! What a wonderful group of ladies I get to know!