Monday, April 16, 2012

Why can't every day be Mother's Day?

Before I start this, I really do want to emphasize that I love my life and would not change a thing.  I also do have a great support system:  a lovely husband and the best role model anybody could ask for... my Mama.

Wake up:  6:00 am
Break up first fight of the day: 6:15 am
Make a 1st grader change mismatched clothes: 6:30 am
Break up second fight of the day: 7:00 am
Ensure that 3 boys take their vitamins:  7:15 am
Make sure that 3 boys brush their teeth: 7:20 am
Break up third fight of the day (over who gets "shotgun"):  7:30 am
Drop Noah off at high school: 7:50 am
Drop Aidan off at junior high:  7:55 am
Drop Trystan off at elementary:  8:00 am
Stop for coffee:  8:20 am
Head in to the office:  8:30 am
Pick up Aidan and Trystan:  3:00 pm
Break up fourth fight of the day:  3:05 pm
Stop at store for dinner supplies:  3:30 pm
Home for laundry, dinner cooking, house cleaning, and homework supervising:  4:00 pm
Back to Newport to pick up Noah from track practice:  6:00 pm
Dinner:  7:00 pm
Clean up kitchen:  7:30 pm
Put whiny 1st grader to bed:  8:00 pm
Break up fifth fight of the day:  8:30 pm
Put whiny sixth grader to bed:  9:00 pm
Laundry:  9:05 pm
Watch some tv, answer emails, facebook, etc.:  9:30 pm
Pass out on the couch:  10:00 pm

Why can't every day be Mother's Day???

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